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Abandoned cart recovery

Increase your sales by automatically sending emails to customers who have abandoned carts.

Mobile Buy Now

Increase sales

Woo customers back by automatically sending discounts and incentives. Include product offers in your Abandoned Cart Emails to convert leads into sales.

Recover lost sales

Over 67% of online shopping carts are abandoned before the customer completes a sale. Win back customers by sending automated, customized email reminders.

Make quick sales

Customers can quickly complete their unplaced order with a few clicks. You can even include a discount code to entice users to come back and buy.

Automated and easy

Our Abandoned Cart Emails are fully automated. Just choose your settings, switch them on and let them work for you.

Why Abandoned Shopping Cart Email is important

If you're selling online, there's a lot of lost opportunity. Customers abandon their carts at an alarming rate and often never come back. Sending an Abandoned Cart Email is a simple and effective way of bringing customers back. A well written and well time Abandoned Shopping Cart Email give customers the opportunity to purchase your products they may have otherwise forgotten, and it gives you an opportunity to provide just that little discount or incentive they needed to turn interest into a purchase decision.

You can see up to a 20% increase in sales using abandoned shopping cart emails. Try it. It really works. And with Selz, there is no need to add a different account or buy another app. Abandoned Shopping Cart emails are built-in. Too easy.