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A 2017 study found that nearly 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned before making a purchase. Enter: abandoned cart emails. These messages are sent automatically to customers that have left your site, inviting them to purchase, so you can bring in higher revenues without even lifting a finger.

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No Need for an Outside App

Abandoned cart emails are built into Standard and Pro plans, so there’s no need to work with an outside integration. Keep your business streamlined with Selz.

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​Easy Account Creation

Fans of your brand can sign up to be a part of your mailing list in seconds, giving you another opportunity for growing your list and marketing to them.

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Get to Know Your Customers

Just because you’re online doesn’t mean you can’t build customer relationships and grow a loyal base. 40% of online sales come from repeat business, and Selz is designed to develop those relationships over time. Detailed profiling, in-app messaging, and loyalty rewards like discounts or free shipping make building customer relationships so much easier.

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​Responsive Design

The majority of time spent on eCommerce sites is now done on mobile. With Selz, your site (and your emails) are automatically optimized so they look stylish and professional no matter how your customers are surfing.

Set It and Forget It

Test out different copy and see what brings out the best response in your audience, but the beauty of abandoned cart emails is that they grow your profits with very little time investment on your end. Reclaim sales while you sleep. Selz abandoned cart emails are built in two distinct parts- one to start the conversation, and a second reminder with a set delay.

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Simple to Create

Selz is built to create professional, high-converting abandoned cart emails in minutes. Our editor is clean and user-friendly so you can focus on pitch perfect messaging.


​Discount Codes to Increase Conversions

Don’t just reconnect with your customers- sweeten the deal with a discount code. Create a discount and grow your sales with new and returning customers.

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Prevent Cart Abandonment with Selz

Set your store up for maximum conversions long before a customer even lands on your page. Establish trust with bank-grade security and a free SSL certificate for your entire site. Selz is built to make transactions easy and safe.

Powerful Checkout

Selz includes fully integrated payment processing for all major credit cards and PayPal without the customer ever having to leave your site.

Post Purchase Redirect

Keep your customers' attention after they have finished their transaction. Take them to exclusive content, custom thank you pages, and continue the relationship long after they click “buy.”

Sell on Your Blog

Our powerful blogging feature allows you to build up valuable content around your product and establish authority online. Turn your existing Wordpress or Blogger site into an eCommerce powerhouse, or start a new blog on your Selz store.

Ecommerce Analytics

​All the Analytics You Need

The Selz dashboard centralizes all the information you need to run your store in one slick hub. Integrations with Google Analytics and Bing let you see where your traffic comes from and optimize your store around it.


​Powerful SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Each product description on Selz has a Page Title, Meta Description, URL, and live preview so you can see ahead of time how it will appear in searches. You’ll be amazed by how little effort it takes to set your store up for organic traffic.

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​Powerful Branding

Customize your abandoned cart emails, buy buttons, and product widgets for instant recognizability- zero design skill necessary.

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Take Over Your Online Ecosystem

Buy buttons and widgets let you sell anywhere you have a digital presence, including existing blogs, websites, and social media. Spread your products across the web and grow your business with Selz.

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​The Best Customer Support on the Web

24/7 email and live chat support means you’re never alone as you start your business. Our CS team is knowledgeable, friendly, and invested in your success.

Why Abandoned Shopping Cart Email is important

If you're selling online, there's a lot of lost opportunity. Customers abandon their carts at an alarming rate and often never come back. Sending an Abandoned Cart Email is a simple and effective way of bringing customers back. A well written and well timed Abandoned Shopping Cart Email give customers the opportunity to purchase your products they may have otherwise forgotten, and it gives you an opportunity to provide just that little discount or incentive they needed to turn interest into a purchase decision.

You can see up to a 20% increase in sales using abandoned shopping cart emails. Try it. It really works. And with Selz, there is no need to add a different account or buy another app. Abandoned Shopping Cart emails are built-in.