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Discount Codes


Want to run a sale on your whole site? Or maybe just one product? Selz massively streamlines the process of running discounts on your individual products or your entire store. You can display the original price to demonstrate the discount you're offering. Free shipping, clearance items, and bulk purchases are all available.



Use coupons to offer a dollar amount or percentage off your customers' shopping carts. Incentivize your customers with sales through email, social and other channels using unique coupon codes. Coupons are a great way to promote your business.

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Apps are On Us

Selz integrates with a huge range of fantastic applications. Connections with AWeber and MailChimp make growing your email list and connecting with customers a snap. Google Analytics shows you where your traffic is coming from, so you know where to start growing your business. You can even track your discount codes and coupons in real time.

We understand that becoming an online entrepreneur takes time and effort, and we’re always looking for new ways to help our customers minimize the labor of day-to-day operations. Selz offers everything you could possibly need to start selling products online. Explore, try some options, and find a few that lighten your workload and optimize your conversions.


Get Discovered

Selz is built to optimize your store for SEO, putting your products in front of more eyes and establishing authority. SEO may seem intimidating, but it doesn't have to be- our powerful tools are crafted to help businesses of any size stand out online.

Less Time Managing, More Time Creating

Selz offers payment processing, digital fulfillment, and customer relationship management, so you can focus on what matters- the product.

Best Blogging Platform

Sell on Your Blog

Our powerful blogging feature allows you to build up valuable content around your product and establish authority online.

Turning your Wordpress or Blogger site into an eCommerce powerhouse only takes a couple minutes. There are a ton of different ways to make it work, depending on your needs. Build product widgets and buy buttons in Selz and copy the html code over, or embed your entire store in seconds. The Selz Wordpress Plugin is rated 5 stars and makes it oh-so-simple to expand your brand across the web.

Don't already have a blog? Start a new one on your Selz store! It's a great tool to drive traffic to your site and build your audience. Use your content to establish authority and reward your readers with special discount codes and coupons.

Online Store

Build Your Brand on a Custom Domain

Register your domain name through Selz or bring an existing domain name with you when you start with us. Promote your online brand and build credibility with customers through a single hub for your business.

Buy Now Buttons

21st Century Checkout

Professional checkout makes converting potential buyers into paying customers a snap. Establish trust and safely, accurately process transactions with Selz. All transactions and credit card information on Selz checkout pages is protected with industry standard security, including encryption and SSL security. The Selz platform is also PCI compliant. Your discount codes and coupons can be applied at checkout for maximum conversions.

Not only that, but Selz offers abandoned cart emails for Standard and Pro plans. Remind potential customers to complete their transactions for a jump in sales of up to 20%.

Ecommerce Analytics

All the Analytics You Need

What are your biggest sources of traffic? When do you see spikes in sales? With Selz, you never have to fly blind. Along with our powerful dashboard, integrations with Google Analytics and Bing let you track the growth of your business from a single place.

This range of analytics lets you track your discount codes and coupons so you can see how they are working in real time and strategize accordingly.

Facebook Mobile Desktop

Sell on Social

Selz is the premier option for digital entrepreneurs looking to take their business onto social media. Adding a store to your Facebook page only takes a few clicks. Our Facebook Chat feature lets customers ask questions and voice concerns while shopping. Make a personal connection and guide the buying process for more conversions and return business. For even more brand loyalty, use social media to feature your discount codes and coupons.

Creating Facebook advertising campaigns is amazingly intuitive, but you’ll be astounded by the results. The Pixel Integration allows you to re-market to customers who have visited your site before, effectively capturing leads and giving you a more targeted approach to your audience. Advanced, results-oriented analytics give you a clear picture of how your ads are performing and where you can improve. You can even set Pixel up to automatically bid for conversions.

Product Widgets

Effortless Branding

Branding is essential to connecting with customers and building a sustainable, healthy business. Selz lets you customize your discount codes and coupons for instant recognizability, wherever you sell.

Showcase products with multiple images and video previews- no previous design skills necessary. To learn more about how to create and implement an effective branding strategy, check out our helpful article How To Build Your Brand on a MicroBudget.

Shopping Cart

Powerful Checkout Options

Instantly establish customer trust with Selz’ secure checkout. Choose whether your customers checkout on the same page via an overlay, or in a new tab. Regardless, customers are never redirected or taken away from your site to complete their purchase.

Fully integrated payments are already built in, so you can process all major credit cards with Selz Pay. You can also connect with third party processors like 2Checkout and PayPal if you prefer these options.

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No Barriers to Entry, No Limits

Unlimited storage, bandwidth, and customers. As you grow, Selz grows with you, with no hidden fees. It’s free to start, and you’ll be amazed by what you can do.

Don’t be limited by your platform. Think long-term- how much do you plan to sell? Where will you share your products? Are there other products in the same niche that you could sell eventually? What kind of marketing will you use?

Many platforms are easy and cheap to begin with, but over time become less practical. It’s a lot easier to build a stable foundation with the flexibility you’ll need over time than to start with one platform and eventually switch.

247 Support Online

Top of the Line Support

When you decide to sell online you know you won’t just work 9-5. Neither does our support team. 24/7 email and live chat support means you’re never alone. Get answers to your questions in minutes from a friendly team invested in your success.

Support doesn’t end with live chat, either. Selz Expert Sessions can supercharge your store over the course of a one-on-one call or screenshare. Whether it’s getting set-up, customizing your store with advanced features, or just asking questions, we’re with you long after you sign up.

Why Use Discounts Codes and Coupons?

Using discounts codes and coupons to pull in new customers and allows them to dip their toes into your online store without feeling like they are spending too much on something new. Current customers feel special- they can get the products they already love for a lower price. Additionally, coupon codes can help you track your new customers, see what products sell better than others, and show how well your promotions are working.

Discount codes and coupons work on one main principle: urgency. If you fail to act upon this opportunity now, you will have missed your chance to save money, get free shipping, or get something extra. Alternately: if you don’t buy it now, you will end up spending more money later. If you buy this thing now, you’ll get this other thing too, but only for as long as we have them in stock.

No one wants to spend more money later, or not be able to get something for free when they could have. By tuning into your customers’ normal, healthy attitudes towards pain and pleasure, you can persuade them to complete purchases and up your bottom line.