All of the functionality and none of the hassle.

No design or coding experience necessary. As you launch and scale your small business, choose an eCommerce platform that will grow with you.

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Sell (Just About) Anything

Selz is perfect for physical products, digital products, and services. Whether you’re dropshipping, selling eBooks, or bringing your coaching business online, Selz gives digital entrepreneurs all the tools they need for success.

Discount Codes

No Limits

Unlimited storage, bandwidth, & customers. As you grow, Selz grows with you, with no hidden fees. It’s free to start, and you’ll be amazed by what you can do.

Don’t be limited by your eCommerce platform. Think long-term- how much do you plan to sell? Where will you share your products? Are there other products in the same niche that you could sell eventually? What kinds of marketing will you use?

Many eCommerce platforms are easy to use and cheap to begin with, but high fees, lack of features, and limited product options make them less practical in the long run. It’s a lot easier to build a stable foundation with the flexibility you’ll need over time than to start using one platform and eventually switch.

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All the Integrations You Need

Whether it’s email automation, advanced analytics, or campaign monitoring, we’ve got you covered. Selz makes it easy to connect your favorite apps to your store, saving you time, money, and effort.

Use MailChimp to connect with your list via email, Yotpo to feature reviews, and Quickbooks to track payments and keep your financials clear and clean. These are just a couple of starting points- the opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

Powerful Store Builder

Stand apart from the crowd and establish a stronger bond with your customer base. An independent online store lends a sense of authenticity, dedication, and professionalism to your brand. Selz requires zero design skills or coding expertise to create a beautiful, high-converting online store. Where other eCommerce platforms can be overwhelming to use, Selz takes elegance design to the next level.

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State of the Art Themes

Our themes are professional, stylish, modern, and fully-customizable. There’s something here for everybody, regardless of the products you choose to sell.


​Abandoned Cart Emails

Over 67% of online shopping carts are abandoned before the customer completes a sale. Win back lost sales with automated follow-up emails when a customer doesn’t complete a transaction. Customize your reminders and include discounts, sales, and more. You can see up to a 20% increase in sales using abandoned shopping cart emails. Unlike other eCommerce platforms, there is no need to add a different account or buy another app- the feature is built into Standard and Pro plans.

Mobile Buy Now

​Go Mobile

Did you know the majority of time on retail sites now takes place on mobile devices? In a mobile world, mobile-readiness is key to the survival of a business.

Selz automatically optimizes your store for mobile devices, so whether your audience hangs out on phones, tablets, laptops, or desktops, they can explore and buy your products in seconds.

Product Widgets

Say Goodbye to Inventory Hassles

List items, create subcategories, set product variants, and optimize for SEO. Selz is crafted for beautiful product displays. The pay-what-you-want feature helps you get your products out there, while powerful inventory management tools let you set and track your stock levels and automatically pause sales when you sell out.

Digital Product

Build Your Digital Empire

Selz is #1 among eCommerce platforms for digital sales. Why? Well, PDF stamping, automatic updates, license keys, and unlimited hosting and bandwidth are all good places to start. Combine these advanced features with a killer store and quality content, and it's no wonder that serious digital entrepreneurs choose Selz.

eBooks, videos, courses, apps, and more- sell your knowledge and skills and turn your passions into a paycheck.

Protect Your Digital Property

Selz is loaded with 21st century tools to make sure that you have ultimate control over your digital products. Whether you’re selling eBooks, videos, recipes, or any other of the vast range of digital products, we have the features you need to keep them secure.

PDF Stamping

Stamping and watermarking is a great way to prevent file sharing. PDF stamping with Selz means that when your customer buys a PDF from you, Selz automatically stamps every single page with their name and order number, preventing your file from being anonymously duplicated.

Streaming and Download Limits

Setting limits on streaming and downloads gives your customers access to the product while limiting their ability to share it with others. If a customer has issues with the limits you’ve set, you can grant access again in seconds.

The Most Bang for Your Buck

Selz gives you all the features at a fraction of the cost of other eCommerce platforms. Unlimited products (regardless of the plan you choose) and low to non-existent transaction fees means that you don’t have to break the bank getting started. Learn more about plans here.

Product Widgets

​Take Over Your Digital Ecosystem

Buy buttons and widgets let you sell anywhere you have an online presence, including existing blogs, websites, and social media. When you’re choosing between eCommerce platforms, don’t settle for a single home for your brand. Spread your products across the web and grow your business with Selz.

Selz makes selling on Facebook a snap, letting you connect more deeply with your audience. Our Facebook chat feature allows customers to chat with you directly from your store, increasing conversions and improving the buying experience.

Best Blogging Platform

Powerful Blogging

Grow your following with high-quality content. Customize your page slugs, titles, and meta descriptions, or just flip a switch and let us optimise the SEO for you automatically. Showcase new releases, share behind-the-scenes stories, and advertise promotions and discounts all within a single site.

Connecting Selz to your Wordpress or Blogger site only takes a couple minutes, and there are tons of options, depending on your needs. Build product widgets and buy buttons in Selz and copy the html code over. Embed your entire store in seconds.

The Selz Wordpress Plugin is rated 5 stars and is the perfect tool to expand your brand across the web.

Ecommerce Analytics

So Many Insights

What are your biggest sources of traffic? When do you see spikes in sales? You’ll never have to fly blind with Selz. Real time sales analytics let you see where your customers come from and how they found your online store. Not only that- you can connect to external services like Google and Bing for an even clearer picture of your audience.

Checkout Form

21st Century Checkout

The Selz shopping cart is secure, professional, and includes fully integrated payment processing for all major credit cards and PayPal- all without ever leaving your site. All of our pages come with a free SSL certificate. All user and credit card information is securely transmitted using bank-grade SSL encryption.

Post purchase redirect lets you keep your customers' attention after they have completed their purchase. Take them to exclusive content, custom thank you pages, and more.

Build Your Brand on a Custom Domain

Register your domain name through Selz or bring an existing domain name with you when you start with us. Promote your online brand and build credibility with customers through a single hub for your business.


Develop Customer Relationships

Just because you’re online doesn’t mean you can’t get to know your customers and grow a loyal base. Repeat business is a huge part of succeeding in selling online, and Selz is designed to develop those relationships over time.

Build your email list with apps like MailChimp, AWeber, and Campaign Monitor. Get to know your customers with detailed profiling. Use in-app messaging to connect. Reward loyalty by treating your buyers to discounts or free shipping.

247 Support Online

​World-Class Customer Support

When you decide to sell online you know you won’t just work 9-5. Neither does our support team. 24/7 email and live chat support means you’re never alone. Get answers to your questions in minutes from a friendly team invested in your success.

Support doesn’t end with live chat, either. Selz Expert Sessions can supercharge your store over the course of a one-on-one call or screenshare. Whether it’s getting set-up, customizing your store with advanced features, or just asking questions, we’re with you long after you sign up.


“I wanted my online store to look just so and I all my customer emails to work just so. I could have worked it all out for myself but it was just way easier to have a Selz Expert figure it out for me. It’s an awesome service.”


“It saved me soooo much time. In a 1 hour session with a Selz Expert I setup my online store, my Facebook store and started taking orders. Yay!”


“I’m not techie but I knew what I wanted my online store to look like. By using a Selz Expert I didn’t have to go through that whole thing of finding a designer and a developer. I got what I wanted from someone trusted and it worked out quicker and cheaper too.”

eCommerce Platform v.s. Marketplace: Why a Unique Store is a Better Home for Your Business

When you’re getting started selling online, marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy are tempting options. While they’re great for getting your products in front of consumers, these platforms are built to advertise themselves rather than your particular offerings. Nonexistent design options make your business identical to every other business on the platform. This poses serious challenges to the development of your brand, as all of your messaging has to be snuck into product photos, and deliverables.

Your business will essentially be anonymous, making it incredibly difficult to gain customer recognition and build brand loyalty. Marketplaces also come with high transaction and listing fees, which reduce your overall profits dramatically. With a limited limited feature set and no room for growth, selling through a marketplace will feel more and more claustrophobic over time.

Instead, build a unique online store for your brand. Choose from design templates and customize a store tailored to your products in minutes. You can establish authority with a built-in page for blog content, optimize your store for SEO, and ensure that you stand out from the crowd. Abandoned cart emails, post-purchase redirects, and advanced analytics are just a handful of the tools available to you. Take advantage of features designed to increase conversions and grow your customer base, as you build a business that’s sustainable and scalable in the long-term. Invest in yourself- choose an eCommerce platform built to encourage your long-term success.