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Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. Steve Jobs

When you have completed the cover for your ebook, you will want to know what other people think. While we have always said, “never judge a book by its cover,” many people will literally judge your book by its cover. So, we will take a look at how to get input from your audience, as well as doing a post-design checklist.

Where to Get Feedback

Loved Ones:

The first people you will want to show your ebook cover to is probably going to be your closest friends and family. They are the ones who have supported you through your writing and are probably the most excited to read your literary masterpiece.

There is only one issue with only showing the closest people to you: they may not give the level of honest and critique that you truly need. They may have a bias towards the fact that it is your ebook cover, but they may also try to spare your feelings.

Other Writers and Creatives:

When you finish your ebook cover design, and you want constructive feedback, one place you should go is to the other authors and designers on writing and self-publishing forums. While the people on these forums may be strangers, they are writers and publishers, just like you, and will give you the feedback you will need.

Having strangers, especially ones who are writers themselves, critique your ebook cover designs will give you the level of professional, or semi-professional, feedback you need to create a final version of the ebook cover design that will captivate potential readers.

Editors, Influencers, and Bloggers:

Another great source for input comes from those who have already read your ebook. Who would have read a book that has not yet been published? The answer - those who are your beta readers and beta editors. No one publishes a book without first having at least one person (an editor or good proofreader) read it through to nd mistakes and to give feedback.

You want fresh eyes reading the ebook to show you where any grammatical, spelling, or formatting errors are. Also, this is the person you should show your cover design. Since she has read the book, she will know what cover design would represent the content of your book best.

If you send chapters or give an advance copy to bloggers in your niche, they can be a great source of feedback for your content, and especially your ebook cover design.

Getting Input From Social Media:

One more place you want to go to get advice on your ebook cover design is social media. This is where family and friends can come into place, but strangers will also have the ability to offer critique.

People on social media are potential readers. These are the real people who are not focused on writing, self-publishing, or editing but are focused on purchasing and reading. Those on social media may also be your followers, those who are looking for your first, or next, literary work.

Since they are the ones that may purchase your ebook, ask them what they think of the cover. Based on the cover, would they be interested in reading the book? Post a short synopsis of the book, and ask your followers if the cover makes sense to them.

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Evaluating the Feedback Collected

Now that you have received input from various sources, it is time to analyze that feedback and make a to-do list for changes.

Every person that has critiqued your ebook cover design may say something different than others or may say something in agreement with everyone else. The first things you will want to look at are commonly themed critiques.

Is every critique that you have received related to your font, your pictures, or the colors or spacing on your book cover? These are the issues you will want to x rst. Since the readers, your editor, and other writers were the sources used to critique your ebook cover design it is important that you take every comment into consideration when making changes to your ebook cover.

It is even more important that you do not take offense to any comment or critique. Understand that because everyone is different, others may visualize certain things in various ways. So just because they may imagine your book differently, it does not mean that their vision is better than yours. However, it is still important to take all comments into consideration.

Write down every comment and critique regarding your ebook cover design,  first starting with the commonly themed reviews and observations. Look at your cover and try to understand, from a reader’s perspective instead of a writer’s perspective, what the critics are saying.

As you go down the list of comments, look at that portion of the cover referenced, and see what necessary changes should be made depending on what your sources have suggested. Once the changes have been made, it does not hurt to bring another cover draft design to the same sources for additional feedback.

Do this process at most three times, then let it go. You do not want to waste any unnecessary time before publishing your ebook, and you do not want to exhaust your sources by constantly harassing them for feedback.

Creating a Post Design Checklist

Once you have completed the changes, write a post design checklist to make sure you add the nal touches before launching your ebook. Every ebook cover design will have a thumbnail used to showcase the book online. Because people judge books by their covers, you want to make sure that even in the thumbnail the title is visible, the pictures are clear, and the quality is high.

You also want to ensure that any images used are either paid for or considered royalty free. In using stock imagery, it is always best to make sure the image is not copyrighted.

Finally, you will want to see if your ebook cover design needs a thin border. Since most publishing websites have a background color of white any book cover that is mainly white or has a light cover might blend into the background of the actual site and be less visible to potential readers. Adding a darker border around the book cover will allow the cover to pop out more.

When to Outsource the Cover

If after making all the necessary changes you can think of, and you still feel as if your cover does not correctly express what you are going for, then it is time to outsource.

Hiring a designer to create your cover will ensure high-quality, proper imagery, and get you to convey what you desire. However, to make sure that you receive exactly what you want you must find a reputable ebook cover designer, as well as thoroughly explain exactly what you are looking for and what you want. A good, and reputable, designer will be able to express your thoughts on the potential ebook cover design.

Once you have completed all the necessary steps - from getting input from your audience to creating a post-design checklist - you are ready to publish your ebook!

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