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How to Promote your Online Store

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Now that you know where to post ads and what kind of ads could work for your online store, how do you make ads people will actually look at?

Creative without strategy is called ‘art’. Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising’." Jef I. Richards

After you’ve made your lists of good and bad items in ads you’ve seen, as suggested from the previous chapters, where do you go from there? This chapter will help you get started making ads, and continue creating ads people want to look at.

Creating Promotions that Pop

Colors are always great to use to catch attention. Bright colors stick out from a dull background and immediately draw the eye to your ad. Keep it clean, bright and true to your brand of online store.

For example, if you are a homey, country styled shop, don’t use crazy neon colors to advertise your earth toned coffee mugs. The style difference will be jarring and confusing to readers. Instead, choose your pictures of your products that you want to use and match colors from there. Pull a pale but still bright yellow from your coffee mug picture to use as a border color instead of neon.

Colors that stick out from the rest of the page your ad is on while staying uniform throughout your ad look professional and eye catching. Have very clean, straight lines to mark spaces within your border. The border itself can be wavy or wild, since you do need to stand out, but keep the portions people will be reading free of stray squiggly lines.

Promtions That Pop

Something else to consider is that everyone who makes an ad uses bright colors, so how do you get your ad to stick out from the rest? The answer: use your space wisely.


A cluttered, crazy ad is difficult to read and understand for many customers. In this day and age no one has time to stop and figure out what the ad is trying to tell the customer to go buy. A million other ads that are easier to read are right next to the crazy one, so that is what the customer will go for.

To prevent being cluttered, use your space well. Don’t have it all blank, unfilled space, that is just as bad as too much stuff. Customers aren’t going to look at a boring ad either. Take clear, nice pictures that showcase your product to its best form and put them strategically in your space.

Ikea For Real Riggad En Aotw

The first thing the customer is going to notice is a picture or the title, so use that split second connection to make them want to keep reading. Put the photos in the middle of your space and slightly off to one side. This guides their eye down the photo and onto the next part of your ad.


Wording in your ad should be short and sweet, and detail everything your customer is looking for. The title should be catchy and make the customer curious. It should make them rethink their current status in life a little bit.

Maybe they are a little indecisive while getting dressed in the morning, and need the clothing item you are selling. Or they didn’t anticipate how much they missed when they remodeled their house. The idea with the title is to make them stop and read your ad.

Facebook Ad Examples Slack

Other information to include in your ads are any discounts or coupons you are offering, testimonials or reviews from previous customers, and any new items in your online store.

Continuing to Create Ads

Your online store should stay true to your central brand theme, but you are going to always be adding new items and improving constantly to keep up with all the customer preferences in the world. Once you get the hang of creating and posting ads it should be relatively easy to keep creating and progressing with your new ideas.

To stay relevant and fresh, keep an eye on trends and upcoming events. Depending on what your product is, your ad can reflect both your brand and the trend for increased attention, which leads to increased sales.

A quick side note, try to stay away from or handle any political trends very carefully. The wind shifts in politics very quickly, people jump to all sorts of conclusions, which can destroy the reputation of your online store.

Creating your ads is just as important as placement of your ads, so spell check and then double check all your work before posting. After all of the work you put into your ads, how do you know if they are working as effectively as you hope they are? In the next Chapter, we will discuss how to determine if your promotion was a success, and what to do if it wasn’t.

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