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How to Sell Personal Training Online

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You were born with a song in the seat of your soul; let the life that you live be the singing of it. LaShaun Middlebrooks Collier

Congrats! You’ve decided to transition into selling personal training online. Whether you’ve been in the fitness industry for years or are just getting started, selling personal training online means different things to different people. For some, it’s their ticket to entrepreneurship. It’s being able to run a business and gain financial freedom. For other people, it’s a great side hustle to gain extra income. Then there are some trainers who do it for personal reasons. They say never mix business with personal matters but sometimes you need to. Sometimes you have to.

A few years ago, I had the privilege of working out with Amy Clover while she was on her 30x30 project tour (providing bootcamp workouts in 30 cities in North America before her 30th birthday). As a near-suicide survivor, her mission was to share her personal story, empower others and raise money for a non profit movement called To Write Love On Her Arms.

sell personal training online

“I was constantly trying to find ways to escape who I really was through extreme weight loss methods and drugs/alcohol. They all failed to provide lasting results and I felt like a failure because I couldn’t fit into the mold I had made for myself. I hated me,” she explains to readers in her on her website, Strong Inside Out. “As I started gaining more confidence through doing self-work, I started to realize that THIS was the key to lasting results. I wanted to work out and eat healthy because I felt better doing it! I rediscovered working out as a way to get rid of stress and to feel strong both mentally and physically...and it was FUN! After I work up a sweat, I feel like I can accomplish anything and – more importantly – that I am enough.”

Amy is very clear about her reason WHY. She used her personal struggle to find strength for herself through tness and uses that strength to help others find their strength. “I rose above the life sentence that I thought I was stuck with for life – my goal now is to empower you to become stronger than your struggle, too,” Amy says on her site.

What is your reason why?

Selling personal training online will become a much more achievable goal once you are clear about your reason why. If your reason why is to become a multi-billionaire, will that be your motivation to push through and get to where you want to be? Making money is great. However, what many of us really want to have is meaning, value and enjoyment in the work we do.

Your clients will also pick up on your energy (more on your clients and their needs in Chapter 2). Have you ever taken a fitness class at a gym and prefered one instructor over another? Why was that? Was it because one made you work a little harder, had a fun playlist and motivated you throughout the workout? By understanding your reason why, you will be able to tap into that feeling when things aren’t going as planned or you’re not up for a task. Your reason WHY will keep you going. To help you understand your reason WHY to selling personal training online, get out a pen and sheet of paper (yes, pen and paper - we’re kicking it old school), and answer the following questions.

There’s no reason to feel overwhelmed by these questions. It is just a guide to help you brainstorm, gain some clarity, develop a strong focus and stay committed throughout the whole process of selling personal training online. There are no right or wrong answers (even if your answer is - “I want to be a multi-billionaire”). Answer the following questions as you see fit. Grab some coffee, tea or beverage of your choice, and let’s get to it!

Know Your Reason Why

What drives my passion for training others? Why? 

It could be that you’ve always been a fitness junkie and love working out. And now you want to share that passion with others. Be honest with yourself before you start selling personal training online.

Do you:

  • Have a passion for helping others?
  • Love fitness?
  • Want to make more money?
  • Want more freedom and exibility?
  • Have the entrepreneurial drive?

When I see myself selling personal training online, what does my ideal day look like? 

sell personal training online

This will look different for everyone. It could mean living by the beach while running digital fitness programs. It could mean having a platform to motivate clients worldwide while continuing to teach or train at your local gym.

What is my definition of success?

Only you can define what success means to you. It’s easy to compare yourself to other people and think that you’re not successful because you haven’t achieved what they’ve achieved. The only person you need to focus on is you. Is success running your own business? Is it getting regular clients? Is it motivating others?

What skills do people often compliment me on?

Sometimes we’re blind to our own skillset until someone compliments us on it. Consider what skills people compliment you on.

What personal struggles have I gone through that I can use to help and empower others?

Just like Amy overcame her personal struggles, you’ve probably overcame your own struggles. Whether it’s gaining self-confidence through fitness or learning the right way to eat healthy, you have your own journey. Your struggle doesn’t have to be fitness related but it’s your own story.

Some aspects of selling personal training online will be easy while other things will be a challenge. But if you know your reason WHY, it will be worth it. Continue to ask yourself questions along the way such as, “Am I enjoying this?” or “Do these goals align with my purpose?”

Know your reason why throughout the whole process.

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