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This last section deals with how you can add extra dimensions to your finished product for an even better experience.

Having written and created your eBook, now you can start to think about how to add in extra calls to action, experiences, and multimedia to add more magic.

Think about how any existing material that you already have - perhaps videos, or blog posts, downloads, worksheets, etc - might be useful resources in your eBook as an upgrade.

Adding extra dimensional experiences to your e-book can really add value to your readers, your clients, and your audience.

It also extends the experience of the eBook to beyond that one PDF; in effect, you have a great lead magnet now to call people to your website, and to take further actions.

Here are some great ideas to consider.

1. Link to a popular post, or alternative upgrade opt-in on your website.

This option allows people to go and take a specific action on a landing page. You could even design a landing page especially for people who are readers of your ebook, using something like Leadpages, Instapages, or simply a WordPress page that is hidden on your site and specifically for your readers.

In this way, you can create some bespoke content, especially for people who are readers of your ebook, and you can direct them to content and further actions that are specifically designed for people who have opted-in or bought your book.

Guide them to read specific content and take further actions, which are perfectly suited for them, their experiences, needs and pain points to build a great relationship.

2. Videos, audio, downloads.

You can link out really easily using software such as Canva to external resources such as videos, audios, worksheets and PDFs that can add extra experiences for readers of your book.

In this way, for example, if there is a template that they can use for future interactions, or for brainstorming, writing down ideas of whatever your eBook calls them to do, your readers can now access a spreadsheet or a download template as an extra link, right from within the book itself.

This allows them to take action and to perceive extra value from your book as the experience goes beyond that PDF. The ability to watch extra videos, or listen to audio, or take part in other experiences from your book, builds a really three dimensional experience for your readers; they can discover and explore more of your brand, and really become immersed in what you offer.

3. Lead to more sales and a bigger crowd.

Think about any further actions you would like your eBook readers to take, which could lead to a sale.

Think about how to frame the offer, and to lead them to that sale through the content, upgrades, and extra pieces of Brand You that you add into your eBook.

After all, once people have taken the action of downloading and paying for an eBook, they should be nurtured and looked after within your system.

It could be really helpful to map out a customer journey from the moment they download the ebook, to other options of the product sales that you have; think about how you can enhance that experience through extra media, through extra value, the content experience, and how you can lead them to either become part of your community, to become a customer, to refer you to other people — or all of the above!


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