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How to Write your First eBook in Under a Week

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creating an eBook

Making sure your eBook looks amazing is a critical part of the process. The good news is, getting visual can be easier than you think with some easy to use tools which are readily available online.

An eBook that looks great and is well designed will be easier to read for your audience, and helps to elevate your brand.

Outsourcing Versus DIY

When it comes to getting your eBook designed, you can choose to outsource the whole process, do it yourself, or a combination of the two.

If this is your very first eBook and budget is a consideration, then going the DIY route will save you money, help to get your eBook finished, out there and ready to add value to your customers without any investment.

You can always choose to upgrade the design with a second edition once you start to earn money from your eBook on your Selz shop, and there are some excellent apps which make DIY design a fantastic choice.

If you have a little money to invest in the presentation of your book, finding a designer to make it look amazing will save you time, and will go a long way towards positioning your brand.

Alternatively, you could have part of the book professionally designed, and lay the rest out yourself as a halfway option.

Where To Find Designers

If you choose to brief a designer for your eBook, some great places to look are:

• Fiverr

• Upwork

• Behance

Alternatively, you could ask for recommendations of designers in social media groups, or look for eBook design examples on Instagram.

Before you commission a designer, ensure you have seen examples of the work the designer has done, and look for reviews and testimonials of their work.

Where possible, give examples of the kind of eBook designs you like; a great way to do this is to collate design and layout ideas on a private Pinterest board.

A good designer will be able to interpret your brief, and provide some visuals, or “proofs” for you to approve.

DIY Made Easy

If outsourcing is not part of your plan right now, don’t worry! A fantastic place to begin is Canva. Canva is an online, web and smartphone based app which makes bespoke graphics easily accessible to non-designers.

There are pre-designed templates for most things you might need in your online business — from social media posts to profile covers, adverts, and, of course, eBooks.

Using Canva, you can work with an existing template and customize the design to match your brand.

To add images to your eBook, a great resource is, a website which has a wealth of beautifully shot, free to use images.

Creating your eBook

Another great place to look for design templates and imagery is Creative Market.

Creative Market sells illustrations, design bundles, fonts, photos, textures, vector icons for DIY design. They also offer free downloads every Monday, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for extras which could help your eBook design to stand out.

Find some examples of eBooks that inspire you, and look at which aspects of the design you are drawn to. Brainstorm some elements to include in your own book design, whether you are creating it yourself or bringing in the pros.

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