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How to Write your First eBook in Under a Week

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eBooks are big news in online business, and this guide is designed to get you started in a series of simple steps. Content creation is key in reaching your audience online; whether it’s via blogging, social media, newsletters, webinars or eBooks, the goal is to connect with your clients, grow your list, and, of course, make sales.

An eBook can be a fantastic resource for your business for many reasons. An eBook can:

• Add value to your audience and clients

• Help to build your list

• Establish your authority and expertise

• Increase loyalty and qualified leads

The great thing about eBooks too, is that the barrier to creation is really low — anyone can create and DIY a valuable eBook that can really help to raise your game online.

Follow this series to work through the process step-by-step, and learn for yourself how to create an eBook for your business.

Why eBooks?

As an online business owner, you are creating content already (or at least, you should be!), so why choose to create an eBook? Simply put, eBooks add value to your audience by presenting information in one place.

In fact, you can re-use content you already have from your blog posts or emails, and by putting it together in a convenient format that’s portable and accessible, you have added value (as well as expertise).


80% of internet users own a smartphone, and 47% own a tablet, so creating content that can be easily stored and viewed on these devices makes sense.

Even if you have produced a number of blogs on a subject, collating them all together in one resource makes it easier for your audience and clients to access your insights - and convenience means extra value points.


“You have to give people enough information to incite them to give you their business and publishing a book can help you do this. A book is the best business card you will ever have. It’s a game-changer.”

Thankfully, in this age of accessible technology, that book doesn’t need to be a hard copy sitting in a warehouse. Instead, it can be an eBook available via your site, Amazon, or your Selz store, helping you get found in online searches, and bringing new clients to your (virtual) door.

Choosing What To Write About

The very first step in deciding what your eBook should be about is to do some research on what your clients are already asking. Tools such as make this process easy, and you can begin to see how questions are posed online around your area of expertise.

Other great resources for research are forums such as Reddit, and social media groups on Facebook and Linkedin- keep an eye out for discussions in your niche, and swipe the questions into an Evernote notebook or a Google Doc for reference later.

When you have narrowed down a list of subjects, it’s time to decide what to focus on for your eBook. You may already have some content that has been well received by your audience that would work well as an e-book. In which case, you have already done the bulk of the work!

If you are starting from scratch, make sure that the subjects on your short list meet the criteria of being both something you LOVE to write about AND something your audience wants to hear about.

You can narrow down your choices by polling your audience in a short survey using Typeform or Google Docs, or on Facebook (in a group on on your page).

Next, we will be mapping out the content of your eBook, and making sure the title has the must-read factor!

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