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Now that you’ve got a clear system, and approach to promoting, it’s time to create a desirable package for your prospective clients.

One of the biggest hesitations that keeps coaching clients from committing is when they feel that the process is not clear, and will be never-ending.

Just as your business needs a selling structure, your coaching clients need the same to gain trust in what you are providing them.

Before you sit down and decide what your coaching package(s) are, you need to understand your ideal clients needs and liquid income a.k.a. the amount of money they have to spend freely for life-improving services.

Gather a focus group of between 5-10 people, preferably not friends or family, the more the better, and ask them these questions:

• What problems do they have?

• How can you help them as a coach?

• What would they spend to hire a coach?

• Do they like in-person intensives or perhaps group coaching?

• Are they more interested in long term coaching or short term?

Keep these answers in mind as you proceed with deciding your coaching expertise, packages, and what duration is best for your prospective clients.

The most important factor to start with is the approach you are most confident with. You cannot be everything to everybody, so focus on one main problem and HOW YOU solve it.

The most important factor to start with is the approach you are most confident with. You cannot be everything to everybody, so focus on one main problem and HOW YOU solve it.

In my coaching business, my way of guiding my clients to self improvement is based on their inner voice, and how it affects their emotions, and decision making. My specialty is the inner-voice, hence the name of my book, group coaching and digital course are titled: “Find Your Voice.”

Like you, I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, and I wanted to help everyone, not just women, but also entrepreneurs, men, parents, and teens.

I am doing that now, but first I needed to set up a foundation for my expertise, and for three solid years, I focused on a woman’s inner voice. I became known for that, and from there I grew to all the other areas I mentioned to you above.

For you and your business’s longevity, you need to choose a time frame that is both right for you, and your clients - not what other coaches are doing.

A three month program may sound great but you could discover it’s too much of a commitment for a new client, especially when you’re just starting out. Trust your gut, ask yourself how many sessions feels right to you and plan their duration accordingly – 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour, and so on.

The more specific you can be, the less room you leave for your prospective client to talk themselves out of working with you.

Take a look at this list to help you create your package(s), and make sure to include this on your sales page.

• Do you suggest meeting weekly, bi-weekly, monthly?

• Will there be additional support via e-mail, phone or text?

• How will your sessions progress - is there a theme for each session? This is important for packages that are 3 months or longer.

Once you get clear on on your packages, it’s time to let your prospective clients know benefits and outcomes of working with you.

You don’t want your clients to have to fill in the blank about any part of working with you. This will be one of the most important aspects of your sales page. This is your chance to let them see what life will be like after working with you. Go back to the problem you are solving for them, reiterate just that.

Go beyond bullet points, we are all chasing a feeling.

Everything we buy, the places we visit, and the coaches we hire, are all to achieve a certain feeling. We want to feel status, happiness, accomplished, healthy, organized, and so on. Make sure to include a feeling-aspect to your benefits list.

The last piece of putting together desirable packages is pricing. Go back to the answers you got from your focus group, what is the range of money people are willing to spend weekly or monthly?

Once you have a range of money in mind, you have to also calculate what you need to sustain your own life, including business costs such as travel, marketing, printing costs, etc.

When you’ve created your new coaching package, make sure to announce it to everyone on your subscriber list, and social media followers, maybe even consider targeted promotions on Instagram and Facebook.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get an immediate response. Remember, a person has to come across something an average of 6 times before committing to it. So, keep at it, and stay specific!

Next, we are going to dive into one-size-fits-all virtual coaching!

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