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This chapter is all about how to leverage your time more efficiently by offering group coaching to your list.

This can be a mid-tier service for your business. It’s not as expensive as working one-on-one with you, and it’s not as inexpensive as your one-size-fits- all program or eBooks.

Here are three things you need to keep in mind to running and selling a successful group coaching program.

1. You need to engage and expand your following

Since group coaching is your mid-tiered service, it’s easy to daydream that the more affordable price point will get the sales rolling in. REALITY CHECK, usually between 2-3% of your list will actually buy into your programs.

If you are just starting out and have a small following, it may be smarter for you to grow your list before making a group coaching push. You don’t want to end up like me and learn the hard way. In the beginning I would get one person in for the price of group coaching. I still had that service up on my website, but, I didn’t push it until my list reached 5,000 people.

The other thing to consider about group coaching is that you need a GROUP of people willing to enter at the SAME time.

We also went through a sales strategy in the one-size-fits-all programs that has you limit access to the program. This is a great strategy for your group coaching as well.

It allows you audience to gear up to the opening. They know they have 5, 4, 3 months until group coaching opens. This allows you to unify the group of strangers on the same timeline. Do not be discouraged. It’s all about building momentum, and sticking clear to your offering, plus it leads us to the second point.

2. Your group training should be repeatable

The nature of group coaching is different than one-on-one with a client. You are spending less time with your client, therefore they are doing a lot more on their own.

This may cause their progress to change to be slower, which is a great opportunity to have them enlist in your group coaching again! Before taking your group coaching live, make sure you have tested it for where it may fall short.

There are two options to test your group coaching without giving away you time and talent for free - use it with your one-on-one clients, or enlist a BETA group to test your system.

3. Set Limits

Depending on your price point, you have to calculate and set these three things:

• How long will each session be?

• How many sessions are included in this bundle?

• What are the minimum and maximum participants that will make this worth your time?

This not only takes in consideration your time and talent, it also sets a clear understanding between you and your coaching clients.

In my experience it has been beneficial to also set themes to each session, so that you are creating a safe container for your clients to show up, and feel guided.

Group coaching can often be powerful, and it can be a STRONG addition to your one-size-fits-all program. There is great validation and growth when you are among your peers. People changing for the better, in the same way.

Please make sure to set time in your session for feedback or reflection from the group. You will see that they end up coaching each other, which gives you GREAT insight into your client’s problems and solutions. These are insights that will help you fill the seats of your group coaching time-and-time again!

sell coaching

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