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There is a good chance that one of the packages you thought-up includes a one-size-fits-all program.

When I created the “Find Your Voice” self-led digital course, my goal was to sustain my energy, serve the greater good, and make money in my sleep.

If you recall, in the last article I pointed out that your clients need to be very clear about what you are providing, and why the benefits are worth your client dollars.

Selling a one-size-fits all program comes with it’s own set of challenges. Your prospective clients tend to question how a generic program can be a good fit for their particular challenge.

Most people believe their problem is unique to them, and for this reason, you must enlist a BETA group.

This group of people should specifically be able to answer these questions:

• What were your challenges that motivated you to join this program?

• What clarity or success did you experience during the duration of the program?

• How has your life improved since finishing this program?

The answers to these questions craft a perfect testimonial, and become your most powerful selling tool.

Crafting the answers to these questions in a written testimonial is lovely, but what is more powerful is getting them on video. Remember, when it comes to selling a one-size-fits-all program, you have to continually prove to your client, why this program will suit their SPECIFIC need.

Hosting a live webinar is one of the most powerful sales techniques, especially if people who have taken the course are live on air, answering the three question that are presented above.

Include in your webinar a segment for Q&A, it can be live, or you can weave into your newsletter or social media promotion, an option to submit questions beforehand.

This interaction with you eases your prospective clients mind about investing in a program that may not speak to their unique challenge. Share the recording of the entire webinar with everyone on your network, for a limited amount of time.

Limiting the access to your program helps your prospective customer be more decisive.

If they know that a special offer, or entry to your course only happens 2-to-3 times a year, they are more likely to invest, when the time is right. The advantage of this, also allows you to mention the program without it seeming sales-y, when admission to the program is not available.

Another wonderful way to gain the trust of your prospective customer while making money is offering a taste of your program. Before becoming an author and a coach, I worked in the fashion industry in New York. Using this experience, I’m going to use a business model that fashion houses often use to explain a tiered approach to selling.

Let’s use Ralph Lauren as an example. The top tier of the brand, is the “aspiration” for most customers. This would be the custom made gowns and suits designed by Ralph Lauren. Other than celebrities, most people do not get this experience, but it is the aspiration.

For you, this can be your entire one-size-fits-all program, that includes bonuses. Perhaps a call with you - 1:1 or group call - that depends on your personal preference. There could also be bonus gifts like journals, meal planning worksheets, or meditations.

Then there is the mid-tier approach to customers, which includes Ralph Lauren store on 5th Avenue. These customers now get to be part of the same club as Ralph Lauren-adorning celebrities. For you, this can be your entire one-size-fits-all program, without any of the special perks mentioned above.

The bottom-tier is Polo Ralph Lauren available at your local Macy’s store. This is usually the bread-and-butter of the fashion house, although it is the lowest price point.

For you, this can be selling just the first part of your program. This allows your client to experience your program, and it allows you to not give away too much for free. All you have to remember is that a one-size-fits-all program takes more convincing, but the payoff can be great for both you, and your customer.

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