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In this section, we are going to extend your product range by diving into the benefits of free worksheets, and selling eBooks.

If you recall the fashion business model we covered in the last chapter, we covered a top, middle, and bottom tier approach to selling your one-size-fits-all program. The eBook is the bottom tier, or the entry level, to your brand - your message, for your prospective clients.

I am a huge advocate of entrepreneurs giving away good resources to their audience for a FAIR exchange -- which means, you should NOT give away too much for free.

You need the capital to grow and sustain your business, remind yourself of this when you catch yourself discounting yourself and your work.

There are however some advantageous free resources you can offer that will feed the sales of your eBooks and coaching programs -- worksheets. Free worksheets become foundational piece of gaining your clients trust by introducing them to your product and service range.

Now, when I say “free” you should absolutely be capturing names and emails in exchange for your worksheets.
Think of the topic of your worksheets as a seed you plant, that will blossom into sales of one of your products or services. Your worksheet can be a tie-in to your one-size-fits-all program.

You need the capital to grow and sustain your business, remind yourself of this when you catch yourself discounting yourself and your work.

Here are some things to help you brainstorm what to include when crafting your worksheet:

• Supply 5 - 10 questions

• Create a chart that can be filled in

• Keep your worksheet between 1-3 pages

Worksheets are a wonderful way to connect with your audience, and so are eBooks.

Your energy as an entrepreneur is your most important resource, it’s important that you don’t reinvent the wheel when you approach your eBook.

It’s time to take a look at ONE specific solution for the BIGGER problem you are solving for your client, perhaps something you are already providing to them in your one-size-fits-all program. For example:

• How to meal plan (bigger problem: changing relationship with food)

• How to build your email list (bigger problem: having a successful business)

• How to re-position your resume (bigger problem: changing career paths)

Let your eBook be based on one solution, don’t give away too much, remember this is an entry point, your lowest tier.

Within the writing of your eBook make sure to mention your other products and services. Not just that you provide other products and services, but give examples of how your other clients have found success. This is a testimonial of sorts, but it is explained through story.

Another wonderful way to engage your eBook reader is to embed links that lead them directly to your sales page, testimonial page, or blog posts that are relevant.

An entry point product is usually reasonably priced, an amount that people don’t have to think twice about.

Most likely your eBook is not the length of a full published book which are usually 40,000 words or more. This allows you to price your eBook between $0.99 cents and $5.

The low price point also allows for you to include your eBook as a free gift during special promotions or holidays, after it has been released 6 months or more.

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The release of your eBook is also a great reason to boost up your promotions! Write a press release, share it with bloggers and e-magazines, and post it to your press room.

Film a vlog that you can reuse on the sales page for your e-book. Use your eBook to create a contest, and collaborate with other entrepreneurs. Your eBook is a wonderful way to extend your hand to new clients, or those that can’t afford you right now. It is also a great marketing tool, that takes minimal effort on your part.

So, now, it’s your turn to start brainstorming what your eBooks will be about.

Grab a blank piece of paper, in the middle write down the bigger problem that your client is facing (changing relationship with food), then write three to five solutions that you can expand on in your next eBook!

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