Mailchimp Integrations

Connect to MailChimp

When you connect your Selz Store to MailChimp, you can easily export your customer list into your email lists within MailChimp. This makes it easy to automate emails, segment your lists, and market to your customers.


Grow customer relationships

Grow your mailing list every time you make a sale. Keep your email list healthy with customer optins, and double optins using MailChimp.

Customer List

Import your customers into your MailChimp list automatically. Buyers will be added to your lists without manual import/export every time. Auto-enroll your customers to lists with "accepts marketing" optins.


See every single order that a customer has made within your store in their MailChimp profile. View the product they’ve purchased, and even see the product visually for quick reference.


Sort your customers by their ecommerce habits. This is where Ecommerce becomes very powerful. You can segment people based on items they’ve purchased, how much they’ve spent in your store and more.

Use MailChimp Integrations for your Online Business

Building your email list is still one of the best ways to grow your business. It gives you the opportunity to speak directly to each of your audience and previous buyers, email is the way to go. Over 4 million individuals and businesses of all sizes use MailChimp to manage their direct communication via email with their followers, buyer, users and associates.