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Digital Product

Start selling your digital downloads with Selz

If you're selling digital downloads, you need a very specific type of store that focuses on the digital side of things. And you most definitely need a strong online presence. Selz specializes in creating your digital products store, making it easy to showcase and sell your products online.

Sell Digital Downloads

A store for the digital age

Selling digital downloads can be a lot different from selling physical products, and we get that. That's why Selz specializes in selling digital products for the digital age. We have the tools you need to run a successful digital store. Stuff like license keys, pay what you want, and unlimited download. We make it simple and safe to run a digital business.

Sell Ebooks Online

Sell eBooks

eBooks are a hot product and a great way to turn your interests and passions into a source of income. Selling from your site guarantees you the highest percentage of the profits. Features like PDF stamping make it easy to get your eBook out there knowing your copyright will be safe.

Sell Video

Sell Videos

eLearning is a growing industry, and Selz makes it seriously simple to sell and rent tutorials, courses, and other video content.

License Keys

Protect your intellectual property with license keys for your digital downloads. Put your products behind a barrier allowing you to keep them secure and accessible only to paying users.

"Pay what you want" feature

Allow your customers to choose the price by using the "pay what you want" feature. This is a practical marketing technique and gives you the option to offer a product on a pay scale.

Download limits and streaming

Set download limits to prevent customers from sharing your products. Rent your films and video tutorials with limited time streaming.