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Sell Videos with Selz

Selz is the best way to start an online video store or start selling from your existing website. Whether you are selling makeup tutorials, digital music lessons, cooking tips and helpful recipes, or any of the thousands of options out there, Selz streamlines the process of building your digital empire.

You have full control over the design of your online store, you can use your own custom domain, and our 24/7 customer support is always there to help you. That’s just the start- Selz is loaded with helpful tools and features for dedicated online entrepreneurs.

Super fast downloads

All downloads are served through our global CDN, giving your customers the fastest download speeds. Remove as much friction from the buying process as possible to increase conversions and repeat business.

Easy delivery

Automatic delivery straight to your buyer with options to download, stream, or save to Dropbox. Streamlined processes massively simplify the process of learning to sell videos online and increase your bottom line.


Rent out your films and video tutorials with our streaming feature, which allows you to set controlled viewing limits for viewers.

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Online Store

Powerful, User-Friendly Store Builder

Stand apart from the crowd and establish a stronger bond with your customer base. An independent online store lends a sense of authenticity, dedication, and professionalism to your brand. Selz requires zero design skills or coding expertise to create a beautiful, high-converting online store. Where other eCommerce platforms can be overwhelming to use, Selz takes elegance and ease to the next level.

Discount Codes

No Limits

Unlimited storage, bandwidth, & customers. When you choose to sell videos online, these are key needs for your business. As you grow, Selz grows with you, with no hidden fees. It’s free to start, and you’ll be amazed by what you can do.

Don’t be limited by your eCommerce platform. Think long-term- how much do you plan to sell? Where will you share your videos? Are there other products in the same niche that you could sell eventually? What kinds of marketing will you use?

Many eCommerce platforms are easy to use and cheap to begin with, but high fees, lack of features, and limited product options make them less practical in the long run. It’s a lot easier to build a stable foundation with the flexibility you’ll need over time than to start using one platform and eventually switch.

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All the Integrations You Need

Whether it’s email automation, advanced analytics, or campaign monitoring, we’ve got you covered. Selz lets you connect your favorite apps to your store, saving you time, money, and effort.

Use MailChimp to connect with your list via email, Yotpo to feature reviews, and Quickbooks to track payments and keep your financials clear and clean. These are just a couple of starting points- the opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

Less Time Managing, More Time Creating

Selz offers payment processing, digital fulfillment, and customer relationship management, so you can focus on what matters- the product. Put your energy towards your passion.

Blogging Platform

Effortless Branding

Branding is essential to connecting with customers. Selz lets you customize your buy buttons and product widgets for instant recognizability, wherever you sell. Showcase products with multiple images and video previews- no previous design skills necessary. To learn more about how to create and implement an effective branding strategy, check out our helpful article How To Build Your Brand on a MicroBudget.

Admin Landing

One Place to Manage Your Business

Manage everything in one place, from anywhere. The sleek design and powerful analytics of the Selz dashboard mean that you're never flying blind when you sell videos online. Add products, create categories, and use the intuitive drag and drop store builder without ever leaving the dashboard. Once you’re set up, you can manage inventory, kickstart promotions, and maintain customer relationships from one efficient, user friendly command center. You can also use the Selz dashboard to connect with our world class, 24/7 customer support should any issues arise.

Ecommerce Analytics

All the Stats You Need

Real time sales analytics let you see where your customers come from and how they found your online store. Knowing how many of your customers are finding you through organic search, social media promotion, or through other sites is essential to your growth strategy. It puts you in the position to invest in what’s driving your business, and shift your strategy for underperforming areas.

Not only do we offer real times sales analytics- you can also connect to external services like Google and Bing for an even clearer picture of your audience.

Sell Secure For Real

Sell Securely

Selz is rated as the best eCommerce platform for digital download sales, and with good reason. When you sell videos online, you need to know that your products are safe. Security features like license keys, download limits, and streaming services all make running your business a breeze, while ensuring your products are protected.

No need to worry about unsatisfied customers. With Selz, you can offer multiple download options to customers, to best suit their needs. You can see exactly what actions a customer has taken with your product since their purchase, allowing you to make informed decisions about granting additional downloads or streaming permissions. Each transaction is seamless with fast, direct-to-consumer delivery.

Selling videos online can be a lot different from selling physical products, and we get that. That's why Selz specializes in selling digital products for the digital age. We have the tools you need to successfully sell videos online- tools license keys, pay what you want, and limited downloads. We make it simple and safe to run a digital business.

Incredible Flexibility

Sell whenever, wherever, with no need to manage inventory or delivery. Selz has everything you need to sell videos online.


Seriously Social Selling

Set up a Facebook store in minutes. Selz is built to spread your brand across the web so you can sell wherever you have an online presence. Customers will be able to browse your products in the new Facebook Shop area of your Facebook Page and check out without ever having to leave social media.

Creating Facebook advertising campaigns is streamlined, but you’ll be amazed by the results. The Pixel Integration allows you to re-market to customers who have visited your site before, effectively capturing leads and giving you a more targeted approach to your audience. Advanced, results-oriented analytics give you a clear picture of how your ads are performing and where you can improve. You can even set Pixel up to automatically bid for conversions.


Free SSL Certificate

Establish customer trust with bank-grade encryption on your Selz store. All transactions and credit card information on Selz checkout pages is protected with industry standard security, including encryption and SSL security. The Selz platform is also PCI compliant.

This invaluable security feature ensures that your customers feel safe and comfortable when shopping and checking out with you.


Abandoned Cart Emails

Over 67% of online shopping carts are abandoned before the customer completes a sale. Win back lost sales with automated follow-up emails when a customer doesn’t complete a transaction. Customize your reminders and include discounts, sales, and more. You can see up to a 20% increase in sales using abandoned shopping cart emails. Unlike other eCommerce platforms, there is no need to add a different account or buy another app- the feature is built into Standard and Pro plans.

Mobile Buy Now

Go Mobile

Did you know the majority of time on retail sites now takes place on mobile devices? In a mobile world, mobile-readiness is key to the survival of a business- especially in a digital space like selling videos online.

Selz automatically optimizes your store for mobile devices, so whether your audience hangs out on phones, tablets, laptops, or desktops, they can buy your videos in seconds.

Product Widgets

Say Goodbye to Inventory Hassles

Easily list items, create subcategories, set product variants, and optimize for SEO. Selz is crafted for beautiful product displays. The pay-what-you-want feature is an innovative selling tool, allowing you to sell videos to customers that may not have purchased at a set price point.

Why Sell Videos Online with Selz?

Streaming video and the internet have reshaped the ways we share information, and these changes have made selling videos online a better option than ever. It’s easier than ever to share your expertise. Regardless of your skill set, it’s likely that someone out there would love to learn from you- all it takes is the right platform, messaging, and some great content.

Genius in the kitchen? The demand is there! Online music teaching, language learning, and learning resources for a software like Photoshop are popular ways to dig into new skills. Even if you are not a PhD in the field you are exploring; if you can make interesting, engaging content, you can sell videos online.

Keep in mind that in paying for a video, consumers generally expect a degree of professionalism. Spend time learning video and editing basics (there are tons of resources online), or consider working with a freelancer. Free software for editing video is fairly common, though you may want to invest in a professional option like Final Cut. Most smartphones these days double as solid cameras. You may want to purchase a tripod. Audio is the big question here, so do some test takes and see how they come out.

You can use Selz for on-demand video streaming as well as selling digital downloads.

Customers can go from viewing a preview to paying to view the full MP4 video, or downloading it to watch later without ever leaving your site.