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Let's Go Shopping

Increase your order values with a fully-featured online shopping cart. Allow your customers to add multiple products to their cart before checking out.

Checkout Form

Built-in Payments

Fully integrated payment processing for all major credit cards. No need to set-up or integrate other payment gateways. Your customers can pay with PayPal too.

Online Store

Keep Customers On-Site

The Selz online shopping cart doesn't direct your customers to another site to checkout, building trust and streamlining the process for higher conversions.

Free SSL certificate

Establish customer trust with bank-grade encryption on your eCommerce site. All transactions and credit card information on Selz checkout pages is protected with industry standard security, including encryption and SSL security. The Selz platform is also PCI compliant.

This invaluable security feature ensures that your customers feel safe and comfortable when shopping and checking out with you.


Charge in over one hundred different currencies and get paid in USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD and +15 other major currencies.

Custom Fields

Create custom fields to collect extra information from your customers at the checkout. Collect social accounts, date of birth, gift details, delivery info, etc. Custom fields are a great way to get a better sense of your customer base and increase repeat business.


Abandoned cart recovery

Nearly seventy percent of online shopping carts are abandoned before completing a sale. Win back lost sales with automated follow-up emails. When a customer doesn’t complete a transaction, reach out to them with a simple, noninvasive email reminder. You can customize your reminders to include discounts, sales, and more.

Merchants can expect to see up to a 20% increase in sales when using abandoned shopping cart emails. If it sounds complicated, don’t worry. It’s not. Unlike other eCommerce platforms, there is no need to add a different account or buy another app, because this feature is built in to Selz Standard and Pro plans.

Wp Shopping Cart

Wordpress Shopping Cart on Every Page

Want to have a WordPress shopping cart accessible on every page of your site? Selz is built to connect seamlessly with Wordpress, turning your existing site into an eCommerce powerhouse. Just copy the code into your header section, and you’re good to go!

This quick hack gives you a fully functional online shopping cart throughout your site, so customers can shop in a more confident, streamlined way. It’s never been more simple for customers to shop and explore your offerings, then check out without ever leaving your page.

Facebook Mobile Desktop

Social Selling

Set up a Facebook store in minutes. Selz is built to spread your brand across the web so you can sell wherever you have an online presence. Customers will be able to browse your products in the new Facebook Shop area of your Facebook Page and checkout in the secure Selz API.

Our new Facebook Pixel integration lets you track customer interactions from the initial visit all the way through to a sale, giving you powerful tools for remarketing and making the best possible use of leads.

Build Your Brand on a Custom Domain

Register your domain name through Selz or bring an existing domain name with you when you start. Promote your online brand and build credibility with customers through a single hub for your business.

Mobile Buy Now

Mobile Ready

Did you know the majority of time on retail sites now takes place on mobile devices? In a mobile world, mobile-readiness is key to the survival of a business. 

Selz automatically optimizes your store with mobile-responsive design so customers can shop on their phones. Cut out as much friction as possible from the buying process with a mobile-optimized online shopping cart.

Blogging Platform

Content is King

Every Selz store comes with a powerful, free blog. Use content to draw in new customers, provide value to your followers, and advertise new products and releases. Tell your story. Establish credibility. Give sneak peaks of your products.

Selz blogs run on the same professionally designed themes as stores, so you can match your branding with zero extra work. Customers can explore your content and buy your products without ever leaving your site.

Facebook Shop Mobile

No Barriers to Entry, No Limits

Unlimited storage, bandwidth, & customers. As you grow, Selz grows with you, with no hidden fees. It’s free to start, and you’ll be amazed by what you can do.

Don’t be limited by your platform. Think long-term- how much do you plan to sell? Where will you share your products? Are there other products in the same niche that you could sell eventually? What kind of marketing will you use?

Many platforms are easy and cheap to begin with, but over time become less practical. It’s a lot easier to build a stable foundation with the flexibility you’ll need over time than to start with one platform and eventually switch.

Facebook Ad

The Highest Cut of the Profits

Selling online via your own unique store doesn’t just build your brand- it also brings in the highest profit per sale. Transaction fees with Selz are never higher than 2%, and on the Pro Plan, they are entirely non-existent.

Stand out from the crowd with a unique store. Use SEO and content to build a presence on search engines like Google and Bing, and build consistent backlinks to your selling pages.

Ecommerce Analytics

All the Stats You Need

Real time sales analytics let you see where your customers come from and how they found your online store. Knowing how many of your customers are finding you through organic search, social media promotion, or through other sites is essential to your growth strategy. It puts you in the position to invest in what’s driving your business, and shift your strategy for underperforming areas.

We offer real times sales analytics as well as connecting with external services like Google and Bing for an even clearer picture of your audience.

Shopping Cart

User Friendly

Selz is built for Wordpress eCommerce and you can be online and selling before you know it. From pre-designed store templates, to an intuitive drag and drop store builder, creating your online store with Selz is truly painless, and delivers great results. There’s no need for previous design experience or hiring a developer. Selz lets you achieve a professional, polished style for your business with plenty of room to explore and change as your business grows.

Even the most intuitive, straightforward, effective tools still require a bit of guidance from time to time. That’s why our world-class 24/7 support team is always available to guide you through the process.

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All the Integrations You Need

Selz does the heavy lifting so you can focus on growing your business. Some of these integrations help you send marketing emails, while other connections build social proof into your store, seamlessly connect analytics, and so much more.

Integrations with AWeber and MailChimp make growing your email list and connecting with customers a snap. Google Analytics shows you where your traffic is coming from, so you know where to start growing your business. Selz offers powerful social selling with an easy-to-track Pixel integration for Facebook.

We understand that becoming an online entrepreneur takes time and effort, and we’re always looking for new ways to help our customers minimize the labor of day-to-day operations.

Digital Product

Sell Digital

Selz is the best eCommerce platform for digital download sales. Once your store is set up, digital products can be the strong foundation of a low maintenance revenue stream, but they need to be kept secure. Selz has made it a priority to hold our security features to a higher standard. Security features like PDF stamping, automatic updates, license keys, download limits, and streaming services all make running your business a breeze while ensuring your products are protected.

No need to worry about unsatisfied customers. With Selz, you can offer multiple download options to customers to best suit their needs. You can see exactly what actions a customer has taken with your product since their purchase, allowing you to make informed decisions about granting additional downloads or streaming permissions. Each transaction is seamless with fast, direct-to-consumer delivery.

Extend your reach and provide security for your digital products with the Selz online shopping cart.

247 Support Online

​Top-of-the-Line Customer Support

Did we mention our incredible support team? Selz may be streamlined and user-friendly but that doesn’t mean you won’t hit roadblocks from time to time. 24/7 live chat and email support is available whenever you need it, with real people, not robots.

Whether you need a little assistance perfecting how product images look with your new theme, or urgent help with a payment issue, we’re here to help. Our team is invested in your business and your success, and we always prioritize resolving our merchants’ issues.

Best Online Shopping Cart

Create beautiful online stores, sell from existing websites, and sell from social channels. Selz has all the features you need to start and grow your business online.

Selz is built for a trustworthy, streamlined checkout process. Start your free trial today.